5 Simple Tips for Social Media Success

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Published by: on Friday May 3rd, 2013

5 Simple Tips for Social Media Success

One of the most important factors in your business’ Atlanta advertising success is creating a strong social media presence. Social media allows you to be in touch with your customers 24/7 and build loyalty and relationships that were nearly impossible to build pre-social media. Use the 5 tips below to ensure social media success for your small business.

1.Consistency. Consistently updating your business’ social media accounts not only enables you to reach a larger audience, but it also allows your audience to learn what to expect from you. For example, if you create a new Facebook post every weekday morning at 9:00am, after several weeks your fans will begin to expect a post from you in the morning. Sporadic posting does little good for your business.

2.Utilize tools to maximize your efforts. There are many free and paid social media tools to make the task of social media marketing easier. Some of the best tools are those which help you schedule your tweets ahead of time such as Hoot Suite and Tweet Deck. Facebook provides a free option to schedule your Facebook posts ahead of time directly on the admin panel. Other helpful social media tools are those that help you track your analytics such as Sprout Social and Raven Tools.

3.Engage your community. Having thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook fans means nothing if they aren’t engaged. An actively engaged community can do wonders for both your sales and website traffic. The best way to engage your social media community is to simply respond to anyone and everyone that comments on Pinterest, tweets your business or writes a post on Facebook. Be sure to inject a bit of personality into your responses – fans want to know that there’s a face behind the business and that the face cares about their customers.

4.Respond with professionalism. It’s unavoidable – at some point in time someone will leave a negative comment on your social media accounts. It’s necessary to maintain a courteous and professional attitude at all times. Whether the issue is your customer’s fault or your own is irrelevant. Your other fans will pay attention to how your business handles negativity from fellow customers. Resolve the issue with a positive attitude and to the best of your abilities. On the plus side, listening to feedback from your customers, especially negative feedback, is important in creating growth for your business. Good customer service is the most vital (and free) aspect to Atlanta advertising success.

5.Give a glimpse behind the scenes. Fans love to be granted a peek behind the scenes of a business – especially behind the doors of a small business. Providing a peek into your business’ daily operations makes your business seem more human and relatable. People respond to human and relatable. Photos tend to do best when creating this kind of post. Upload pictures of your team completing a project or devouring the coffee and donuts that were brought in as a Monday Morning treat. The important thing to remember when giving a glimpse behind the scenes is to avoid overly staged photos – the more true-to-life, the better.

Social media can be the secret ingredient in your Atlanta advertising puzzle if you allow it to be. Success in social media is all about engagement and relationship building. People become part of your social media community because they like what your business offers. Catapult your success to the next level by using social media to create a strong connection with your fan base and a better image for your business in order to create brand loyalty.

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